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29 February 2008 @ 02:01 pm
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06 February 2008 @ 08:04 pm
2 Hurt albums:

16 July 2007 @ 01:25 pm
Updated at musicmedication

Artist: John Mayer
Song: Waiting on the World to Change
Album: Continuum
Genre: Alternative
Comments: John Mayer is amazing in bringing alternative songs to life. "Waiting on the World to Change" is such a mellow song, but it has a strong beat. The message is powerful stuff, but simple enough to encourage singing on car rides home. It's a chill song perfect for when you're hanging out with friends and want to blast some music.
Here's the Youtube video.

Artist: Fallout Boy
Song: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
Album: Infinity on High
Genre: Rock
Comments: That actually IS the title of the song. The vowels are taken out, but it's actually called and pronounced "Thanks For The Memories." It's a high-powered rock song that uses a funky rhythm in the beginning. The chorus, however, is in flat-out Fallout Boy style and therefore drives the song.
Here's the Youtube video. The MV is cute and very Fallout Boy-ish.

Artist: A Fine Frenzy
Song: Almost Lover
Album: One Cell in the Sea
Genre: Alternative
Comments: Okay, so Sam totally recommended this song to me and I gotta say, that girl knows what she's talking about. It's such a pretty emo song! I LOVE it. Frankly, this is the best song I've heard since OneRepublic's "Apologize." The lyrics are haunting; the words themselves are sung with such a fountain of feeling that it's hard not to sympathize and think about your own relationships. It's a slow and deep and FABULOUS song.
Here's the Youtube video. You HAVE to hear her sing. It's AMAZING.

Artist: Miriam Yeung and Edmond Leung
Song: 滾 (Gwun or Leave)
Album: ---
Genre: Cantonese Pop
Comments: Now THIS is a high-powered song. It's like a song where the two artists bicker (but prettily) with their words. The couple is yelling at each other, but it's sung and the style is very memorable and unique. Their voices go together super well; Miriam's is high and clear while Edmond's is a lot lower. It's a really great Canto song. If you're into cpop, then this song is a must-have AND a must-hear.
Here's the Youtube video. It's acted out and feels so dramatically appropriate.

Artist: Huang Yida
Song: Chou Nan Ren (Jerk)
Album: Devil Beside You OST (if there ever is one)
Genre: Mandarin
Comments: First off, I think Huang Yida is super cute. But that's beside the point. The point is that I watched Devil Beside You with Rainie Yang and Mike He (who I want to marry) and got hooked. So, I just had to get this song on this post. It's the opening, which talks about the jerk (Mike He). It's a rock song with a strong, definite beat that's perfect for exercising your inner rockstar. It's addicting too, even though the only words I know are "chou nan ren."
Here's the Youtube video.

Artist: Rainie Yang
Song: Ai Mei
Album: Devil Beside You OST (if there ever is one)
Genre: Mandarin
Comments: This is such a pretty song, also from Devil Beside You. Rainie's voice is very delicate so the song ends up sounding very feminine and lovelorn. It's a pretty well-known song that jump-started Rainie's career as a singer again, so people should listen to it. It's perfect for girls with high voices (not me) to sing for karaoke or for fun and stuff.
Here's the Youtube video with Devil Beside You pictures.

Artist: Kingone Wang Chuan Yi
Song: 我要的世界 (The World I Want)
Album: Why Why Love OST (if there ever is one)
Genre: Mandarin
Comments: For </a></b></a>sunsetpeak42 . It's a really great song for the opening of Why Why Love, sung actually by Kingone, who was the "other guy" in both Devil Beside You and the aforementioned drama. He sings pretty darn well actually. It's a rock song that has hip-hop beats and basically, all you need to know is that the singer rocks and so does the song!
Here's the Youtube video with Why Why Love pictures.

Artist: KAT-TUN
Song: You
Album: Cartoon KAT-TUN II
Genre: Japanese Pop
Comments: I really don't think KAT-TUN needs an introduction. Everyone's probably tired of hearing me blab on and on about Kame and Jin and their hotness levels, so I'll just stick to the song this time. "You" is the theme song for Sapuri or Suppli, a jdrama featuring Kame. It's a really good pop song with a good rhythm and a nice chorus. It's a slower song that some of KAT-TUN's other works, but just as great!
Here's the Youtube performance video. 

Enjoy and don't forget to comment at the site.
02 July 2007 @ 08:42 pm
Update at musicmedication.

Hope you download and comment! (Remember how I get angry and then rant about noncommenters and then hold off on the music? Yeah, that happens.)

Artist: Sean Paul f. Keyshia Cole
Song: Give It Up To Me
Album: Step Up OST
Genre: Hip-Hop
Comments: As requested. A pop-your-chest-out song that's totally hip-hop with Sean Paul's unique vocals in it.

Artist: The Bodyrockers
Song: I Like The Way (You Move)
Album: Bodyrockers
Genre: Electronic/Dance
Comments: As requested. A very dancey song that was found in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

Artist: Ne-Yo
Song: Sexy Love
Album: In My Own Words
Genre: R&B
Comments: As requested. Ne-Yo's first album hasn't let anyone down yet and this song is no exception.

Artist: Jay Chou
Song: Qian Li Zhi Wai (A Thousand Miles Away)
Album: Still Fantasy
Genre: Mandarin
Comments: I love this song. It's a mix of old classically Chinese instrumentals and Jay's unique lyrics. There is NO rap in this song, but instead it's a smooth collaboration with Fei Yu Ching to make a fantabulous song!

Artist: Janice f. Guang Liang
Song: Tong Meng
Album: ---
Genre: Cantonese
Comments: I can't believe Guang Liang's singing in Cantonese! AHHHH! Okay. A great song, obviously. Let me go squeal about Guang Liang in my own time.

Artist: JJ Lin
Song: Xia Shou
Album: West Side
Genre: Mandarin
Comments: The MV is so scary, OMG. But it's such a great song. Sorry that this version includes JJ Lin's voice introing it. Okay, no I'm not. I heart JJ Lin.

Artist: Justin Lo
Song: One Word
Album: ---
Genre: Cantonese
Comments: Duk Tin is great. Let's just face it. This is his new song and not as poppy, but the chorus is memorable!

Artist: KAT-TUN (Kamenashi Kazuya)
Song: Someday For Somebody
Album: Cartoon KAT-TUN II You
Genre: Japanese Pop
Comments: I HEART Kame with a passion. He's great and this song is no exception. (I've said that twice in this entry already.) It's a very cool song that I totally recommend downloading!

Artist: Linkin Park
Song: Leave Out All the Rest
Song: Hands Held High
Album: Minutes to Midnight
Genre: Rap Rock
Comments: Hoorah! Four years of waiting (that Jay-Z thing doesn't count) and we finally get some new tunes. They have decided to make mainstream rock with a bit of nu-metal sound, and it works pretty well. I want to post some non-singles so you get to listen to what probably will not reach the radio. "Leave" sounds like "Somewhere I Belong", but Chester sings for forgiveness. Hands Held High is Mike's powerful attack on the Bush presidency. Comment if you want more new LP.

Artist: Aqualung
Song: Pressure Suit
Album: Memory Man
Genre: Brit Pop
Comments: I promised a REALLY long time ago that I would post this song when it came out. Well, here ya go. Fans of Aqualung will instantly enjoy the new single, as it tries to find a balance between too mellow and too energetic. A lot of the new cd has Matt Hales experimenting with new sounds, and he makes most of them sound great. For some reason, he got less publicity for the new album.

Artist: Death Cab for Cutie
Song: Summer Skin
Album: Plans
Genre: Pop Rock
Comments: Only bass, drums, keyboard, and vocals for this song. No guitars last time I checked. This song is about a relationship that burns brightest during the summer. And when summer ends, so does the love. In the music video interpretation, it implies that our youth and innocence is left behind when the season ends. I love Death Cab because they allow you to make your own interpretations of their lyrics. Beautiful song.
23 June 2007 @ 03:10 am
Top 4 CD's of the dayCollapse )

04 June 2007 @ 11:51 am
So! Amy Winehouse. Described as 'naughty' by someone, as one that has a voice 'like Anastacia' by someone else. 'Stylish', 'true' and 'to the point' are the words that I would use. Beautiful, warm voice, lovely retro-sixties climate and lyrics that describe people in difficult situations that seem real.

"Rehab" by Amy Winehouse (because I've never heard a song about an alcoholic refusing to go to rehab sung quite this way :P)
They tried to make me go to rehab but i said 'no, no, no'
Yes I've been black but when i com e back you'll know know know
I ain't got the time and if my daddy thinks I'm fine
He's tried to make me go to rehab but i won't go go go

"He can only hold her"
Now how can he have her heart
When it got stole
So he tries to pass it by
Cause what's inside'll never die

And so you can take a look at Amy, here's her vid to "You know I'm no good"

Ayo. sounds so much different than Amy Winehouse, not because of the music in itself but the contrast in what they sing about and how they sing. Ayo. has a knack for describing the softer side of human nature and even when her lyrics are about a heartbroken girl the song still comes off as delicate. Or maybe it's just me? ;)

"Help is coming" by Ayo.
Your lifestyle could be so different
From how it is right now
Know that you could change so many things
If only you want that
You should know it can't never be too late

"Life is real" by Ayo.
I live my life the way I want
I got nothing to hide, nothing at all
Life is not a fairy tale
Life, they should know that life is real.

Simple lyrics, aren't they? But presented very well :) Here's the link to her video "Down on my knees".

Enjoy and let me know what you think :)
In my ears: Amy/Ayo/PotC OST all mixed together :P
04 June 2007 @ 11:37 am
Isn't it funny? You pass somebody each day in the street, at school, at work, and you don't really notice (there are just so many people...) but when lj presents the opportunity, you actually talk to one of the people that seem so unreal on an average day. it's what happened to me and did_you - we live in the same town, commute to the same school and curse the same crappy xerox each day. And when we finally talk - it's about a band from Canada, LOL.

Anyway... did_you introduced me to an interesting Canadian band, Your Favorite Enemies (link leads to their myspace). They remind me a bit of Adema as far as the music's concerned and of Synapsa and Evanescence because of the lyrics. See for yourself:

"Midnight is Crashing" by Your Favorite Enemies

"Open your Eyes" by Your Favorite Enemies

Let me know what you think about those two songs, the band would be grateful for opinions :)
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29 May 2007 @ 07:40 pm
*grins* Went to see PotC twice :] Of course, I'm on a bg music high. So I figured I'll post a bunch favorites from each of hte film's OST :)

The Curse of the Black Pearl:
Barbossa is hungry
I love Barbossa :P (Geoffrey Rush has my everlasting admiration for acting out that character so well) And this melody is everything that is the first part of the film :)

To the pirates' cave
Carries similar tunes to the ones from 'Swords crossed' and 'Moonlight serenade', but I listen to this one more often. I don't like 'Moonlight serenade at all', actually.

He's a pirate
Well, Jack. I don't have to explain more, do I? :P

Dead Man's Chest:
Jack Sparrow
That recurring passage makes me smile - it did in the first film and it does in the second :) Especially so well developed.

At World's End:
At wit's end
Music from the third film is by far my favorite - represented in this theme :)

Hoist the colours
Because that scene is going to stay forever in my head.

What shall we die for
Lyrics from 'Hoist the colours' sound so different in this setting, don't you think? :)

I'm tempted to say something like 'drink up, me harties, yo ho' or give you an 'arrr'... but no. Not even me :P

But... I'm curious... what are your favorite background pieces? Humour me - post some music from your fav films :)
In my ears: ...really? :P
27 May 2007 @ 09:02 pm
Such a lovely song... Perfect lullaby. Sad, though.

"Asleep" by The Smiths

Sing me to sleep
Sing me to sleep
And then leave me alone
Don't try to wake me in the morning
'cause I will be gone
Don't feel bad for me
I want you to know
Deep in the cell of my heart
I will feel so glad to go
In my ears: PotC 1,2,&3 OST
13 May 2007 @ 05:20 pm
WAAAAH! I'm updating in the midst of AP's. Gutsy move, Connie, gutsy move. But it's because I am honorbound to do this.  AND I LOVE YOU FOLKS.

Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Song: Never Again
Album: My December
Genre: Rock
Comments: It's about a woman scorned--perfect for all pissed-off ladies out there.  This is a hot song, folks.  It's angry, it's edgy, it's raw, it's perfectly rocking!  With such a powerful song, it makes us wonder if Kelly Clarkson has left behind the pop world for an edgier sound.  Either way, this is a great song and a great start to her new album.  Say bye-bye to "A Moment Like This" Kelly and hello to a "Since You've Been Gone" venue.  If this is any indication about her new CD, then get ready to shell out some money to buy it!

Artist: Santana
Song: Maria Maria (Pumpin' Dolls Radio Edit)
Album: Maria Maria Single 
Genre: Hip-Hop
Comments: Waaaaah, memories!  With words paying homage to "West Side Story," who wouldn't love it?  Santana is a great artist who knows how to rock the world with electric AND acoustic guitar skills.  This song is so hip, with a sexy latin feel.  It's great!  I love it!  I listen to it while I do ceramics!  (I'm not that good.)  XD  You should love it too, if you don't already.  You know what they say, oldie but goodie.  That applies to me, too, Rika!

Artist: Gym Class Heroes
Song: Good Vibrations
Album: As Cruel As School Children
Genre: Hip-Hop
Comments: Sound familiar?  If you watched Wednesday's episode of One Tree Hill when (spoiler!) the cast went to rescue Mouth and ended up crashing a prom in a small, unknown town.  It's a remake of the Beach Boys' song and is also used by Sunkist.  It's an extremely catchy song with a great addictive beat.  A finger snapper and dance song all the way!  The cover of this song becomes a fusion of hip-hop, R&B, and that element known as fantastic to make IFYOUDON'TGETTHISSONGYOUARESOMISSINGOUT.  And if you know Gym Class Heroes, and I'm hoping you do, this is one of their great songs.  I love it!  Other releases by the Gym Class Heroes include their debut song "Cupid's Chokehold" (which you can find in a previous entry).
Artist: Arashi
Song: We Can Make It!
Album: We Can Make It! Single
Genre: Japanese Pop
Comments: I love Arashi.  I mean, I love Matsujun, who's in Arashi (all thanks to Hana Yori Dango).  I love this song, I love the bridge, I just love it!  It's addicting and dancey with a fantabulous beat.  And when those boys go "yeaaaaah," you want to go "yeaaaaah," too.  And their english is acceptable (mostly engrish, but who can be picky?).  It's such an upbeat and encouraging song--perfect for when you're down from studying for finals and need a break to dance your heart out.  Which reminds me...let me go do that now.

Yeah, well, I have to get back to studying for Psychology and English. BUT I do promise next week is, per past requests that I may have put off: Yui, Akon, and whoever else I can dig up (or gets requested).

Go to my site to download and comment, please.